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LED Waves Produces LED Spot Light Bulb with Cree XP-D LEDs

  • Time:2012-09-06

  • September 5, 2012...LED Waves a company based in New York City, is offering an introductory 10% discount on the Dallas 2.0 Dimmable PAR20 LED light bulb, which consumes less than 9 Watts and serves as a replacement for a 75 Watt halogen spot light. The luminaire employs Cree's XP-D LED and can typically used in track lighting or recessed ceiling cans. Designed and built in the USA, this lamp is similar to the company’s original LED PAR20 in both form and function. Both lamps carry the LED Lighting Facts Products, having undergone impartial testing by the US Department of Energy CALiPER program.

    The Dallas PAR20 was originally made with Cree’s 144 lm/Watt XLamp XP-G LED, the first chip to accrue 10,000 hours of LM-80 test data. The XB-D is the latest breakthrough in Cree’s line of LEDs optimized for PAR spot lighting. It combines the XP-G's light quality and efficiency with a 50% smaller footprint. Representing the brand's SC³ Technology Platform, the XB-D was developed with a silicon carbide base.

    LED Waves points out that the company cuts out a number of middlemen in the lighting supply chain thus lowering the everyday price of the Dallas 2.0 is $35.95. The Dallas 2.0 and Dallas have beam spreads of 20° and 40° and color temperatures of 3000K (warm-ambient), 4000K (neutral) and 5000K (cool-daylight). LED Waves also offers an LED recessed down light, 2ft and 4ft LED T8 tubes, an industrial LED high bay, a 12v LED MR16, and other line voltage PAR LED flood light bulbs.

    LED Waves' exclusive LED PAR spot light bulbs have proprietary aluminum heat sinks that are reportedly machined using Computer Numeric Control technology (a 3D printing process for metals), which maximizes surface area for heat dissipation. A custom-engineered lightweight aluminum board further supports thermal management. The company contends that these measures reduce stress on the dimmable LED driver as well as the chips thereby extending the lifespan of the luminaire. The Dallas comes with the company's 5 Year Warranty.

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