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Our company culture is based on the reflection of our values, policies and on the relationship with our suppliers, employees and customers. As Koala Lighting, we put an emphasis on the development of long term relationships, which is very useful in means of customer relationship but also in our human resources division we have experienced that employees with a minimum company experience of 2 years is more valuable for the company. That’s why we stress the safety, mood and development of our employees within the company.
To involve our employees’ thoughts, questions and problems in our decision making, we set up a board where 6 representatives of all employees can work together with the board of directors every month to discuss the changes, the shortages and other subjects.
Koala Lighting cares about the following values that that we share with every customer, investor or employee:
Enterprise value: Innovation and development of existing products

Team spirit: Concerted effort, solidarity, sincerity cooperation, making progress together
Cooperation concept: Mutual benefit, comprehensive arrangement, common growth and development

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